Times change, hospitality remains

The activity originated in 1927, when the brothers Battista and Simone Degasper, decided to demolish the barn they owned to build the first hotel in Soraga, inaugurated in June 1929.

Mr. Battista avails himself of the collaboration of his six children Antonio, Maria Elena, Caterina, Elisabetta, Luigina and Ester, who grow up alongside their father in the exercise of the activity and so the first tourist increase is given to the country: the Hotel Avisio is born.

In 1949 the first renovation of the hotel was carried out. In 1953 a further intervention followed consisting in the addition of another half of the building and in raising this by a third floor.

In 1973 the demolition of the north-east wing of the hotel was completed and the consequent reconstruction of the same. The resulting expansion allows to go from the original 28 to 74 beds, thus creating a comfortable hotel managed by Antonio and Maria Elena Degasper.

Since 1997 the management of the Park Hotel Avisio has been sold to the Peiretti and Fontana families. The management has always been in the hands of Mr. Paolo Peiretti who celebrated in November 2022 his 25 years of activity.

In 2007 the Peiretti family bought the Hotel and in 2010  began the renovation work concluded in June 2017 with the total renovation of the entire hotel…