In Val di Fassa on two wheels

Numerous trails for mountain biking, including that of the Val di Fassa Bike (Rampilonga) and the bike park, or paths to do with road bikes, including the stages of the Tour of Italy. At the offices of the APT Val di Fassa you will find maps with detailed itineraries.

Many itineraries to do on a motorcycle ... the evening when you come back to the hotel you can park your bike in our basement garage (400 square meters). Here are some ideas for hikers:

    The tour takes us from Soraga to San Vigilio passing Canazei, and up the Passo Sella, then on Colfosco and La Villa in Badia, from San Vigilio after a break we head towards the Furkelpass (1737 m) in Olang, then continue along the SS 49 - Sesto up to the Passo Monte Croce (1636m).
    From here the tour leads to Parole del Complico, where you continue to Passo San Antonio (SS 532).
    Beautiful descent with sharp bends to Auronzo di Cadore, where you take the direction to Cortina d'Ampezzo - Misurina to admire the beautiful Lake.
    A Strabiziano is a country that can do it as a place of refreshment.
    The tour continues to the Step 3 Crosses (1809m). The landscape here is unique. Below Cortina d'Ampezzo surrounded by the Tofane to the right of the Crystal Group, the massive Sorapis on the left. Faced Croda del Lago.
    Once in Cortina cross the village and take the road to Falzarego. A Pocol turn left to Passo Giau to descend to Colle Saint Lucia - the right to Andraz and immediately get on the Falzarego Pass (2105m). Arrived at Passo Valparola Pit.-Stop to take pictures. border area of the First World War.
    Got off to San Cassiano continue along the Val Badia - La Villa and Corvara, from here you can choose to go through the road made in the morning through the Passo Gardena and Sella, or going to the left by the Campolongo continuing for Arabba , Pordoi. from Canazei arrive at the hotel is 9km!
  • TOUR OF NATURAL PARKS BETWEEN VENETO AND TRENTINOAlways starting from the Hotel Avisio, climbed into motion we head towards Predazzo, from here to Passo Rolle and San Martino di Castrozza Towards Transacqua along the SP81, the country is located between the National Park of the Belluno Dolomites and the Natural Park Peneveggio Pale Saint martin.
    We continue the journey passing on SS50 and SP1bis until you get to Follina, then on SP4 up to Pieve di Soligo.
    From Pieve di Soligo, taking the SS13, we reach Conegliano, where you can enjoy a glass of Prosecco d.o.c. but only one I recommend!
    Every year, in June, in the heart of the historic center of Conegliano the event takes place the Dama Castellana, a game of checkers with figures in Renaissance costumes and in September, in the most characteristic places in town you play at Enodama, checkers tournament in which the pawns are replaced by glasses of white wine and red. The aims of Enodama are socialization and development of manufacturing companies in the area.
    From here we continue our journey through Cordignano, until you get to Vittorio Veneto.
    From Vittorio Veneto we continue the journey, to Ponte in the Alps towards Belluno and Sedico, for SR204 through the Park of the Belluno Dolomites you get to Agordo and Cencenighe.
    Now you can choose to go left onto the SS346 through the San Pellegrino pass, or right towards Caprile Malga Ciapela with the majestic Marmolada and the Fedaia pass.
    From here we return to Soraga final destination of our journey.
    We start from the Hotel Avisio in Soraga and we head on the SS48 to Cavalese to see the country, returning to Tesero we turn left to the first step of the tour the Lavazè pass SS620, we remain on the main passing from the pass and go down up shortly after the village of Ponte Nova where you turn right to Karersee, here it is worth stopping to see the colors and the reflection scene in the waters ... passes by the Costalunga, SS241, thereby transiting Vigo di Fassa.
    In Vigo di Fassa take, left, Canazei, SS48, here we take right to the Fedaia pass, SS641, arrived up turn, right, on the road positioned on the dam of the lake Fedaia, our objective is the visit to the glacier Marmolada, visited the majestic area of the Marmolada resume our journey, SS641 then SP641 until Caprile (Alleghe).
    A Caprile take right, SP638 for the Giau pass, we descend from the pass and arrived in Pocol, we turn left for the Valparola pass passing through the Falzarego pass, we always keep the main until just after the village of San Cassiano in Badia, to crossroad turn left, SS244 for Corvara, always keep the main passing through the Gardena pass and then the Sella pass, we go down to Canazei and in a short time here we arrived at the hotel for a well earned rest.
  • TOUR BETWEEN THE DOLOMITI - SECONDFirst part: after a hearty breakfast we depart in the direction of Moena and at the roundabout follow the signs to the Passo S. Pellegrino, SS346.
    In the bottom of the descent of the Passo San Pellegrino we take on the right to Passo Valles and then the Passo Rolle, go down pass the keeping the main, SS50, passing by: San Martino di Castrozza, Siror and Fiera di Primiero (Tonadico).
    Here we turn left, SS347, for Cereda pass, Agordo take left towards Alleghe along the valley Agordina, a variant could be that in Agordo you take right following the signs to the Duran pass and returning the main route to Caprile.We went to see the lake of Alleghe, we continue to Caprile and then continue to follow the signs to Arabba, Pordoi Pass, we descend from the pass Pordoi and still follow the signs to Canazei, Soraga .... Where who want can stop the tour, or '' break '' in two days.
    Second part: in some small parts of the route we are forced, there is no alternative, to pass twice, this time arrived in Moena go straight to Trento, we always keep the main following information for the Val di Cembra, another option is that in locality Castello di Fiemme on the left to take the pass the Manghen and get off at Borgo Valsugana.
    We continue, passed Cembra, towards the Valsugana, direction Levico .. before Levico you meet the Caldonazzo lake, around which you can also do the rounds, now we are close to Trento, where a stop at the Muse,at the castle Buonconsiglio or at the Duomo are indicated.Starting from Trento Lavis then goes back in the direction, from where we take the SP76 towards Segonzano, the faster is the SS612 to Lake Stramentizzo. Before arriving in Val di Fassa, do not miss a visit to the waterfall at La Cascata. Then from here straight up to Soraga.
    We start from Soraga and we continue to Canazei, Pordoi (Step 1 2242 m) and arrive in Arabba and we head in the direction of Pieve di Livinallongo. (Strongly recommended Refueling because for several kilometers we will not find any more distributor), Caprile (Alleghe), at the crossroad turn left to Cortina d'Ampezzo touching Selva di Cadore, Colle Saint Lucia. Exceeded this, begins the climb to the legendary Passo Giau (2nd step 2236m) and arrived to the pass we take a deserved break to take some photos and admire the scenery around us, do not miss the opportunity to photograph the bike set in tree trunk. The descent is fulfilling both from the point of view of the driver, the road surface is in excellent condition, and for the proffered landscape. Descend to Pocol and we turn left to Passo Falzarego (Step 3 2105 m), from which we can admire the Alpine group of the Tofane, then attack Passo Valparola (pass 4 2190 m), we descend meeting San Cassiano, the Villa - Badia, here we take for Corvara where we continue to Passo Gardena (pass 5 2136 m), down the valley and then up towards the Passo Sella (passo 6 2244 m), coming down the descent to Canazei we conclude our tour with several vertical meters and 6 mountain passes.
  • TOUR OF THE BELLUNO DOLOMITESPrepared the bikes we start towards Canazei Penia, Fedaia Passo 1 2057 m / above sea level, on top of the pass you can admire the Marmolada (3342 m / asl) with its imposing glacier and the artificial lake. In the bottom of the hill we can make a detour to lengthen the hike by turning left for Rocca Pietore, Alleghe Caprile, Pieve di Livinallongo (remember gasoline), up to the Col di Lana, going back towards Pieve, Caprile, to crossroad turn right for Alleghe, arrived in Alleghe we park the bike and take the cable car. Then the chair lift that will take us to the foot of the Civetta mountain that with its 3220 m / above sea level stands above all other peaks including Mount Pelmo place at 3168 m / asl. We continue our tour with Agordo direction through San Tommaso Agordino, Taibon Agordino, Gosaldo and the Cereda Step 2 Step 1 378 m / slm, bends and road surface in excellent condition lead to dare a little more of the permitted and touch the footrests it is not difficult. In the bottom of the hill we pass the town of Fiera di Primiero, turn right to Passo Rolle Step 3 1970 m / above sea level, the stop to admire the massif of the Pale di San Martino is a must. Descending towards Paneveggio and take on the right to Passo Valles Step 4 2045 m / above sea level, in Falcade turn left for the step S. Pellegrino Step 5 1918 m / above sea level, so today we get to the hotel direction Soraga.
  • SUPER TOUR 13 STEPS DOLOMITES - Track length 370 km
    Departure from the Hotel Avisio - Soraga Val di Fassa - Moena - Passo San Pellegrino (1918m) Valles Pass (2033m) - Passo Rolle (1970) - San Martino di Castrozza - Primiero - Passo Cereda (1369m) - Fork Aurine (1299m) - Agordo, Fedaia Pass - Passo Pordoi - Arabba - Passo Falzarego (2105) - Valparola Pass (2213m) - San Cassiano in Badia - La Villa - Longega - San Vigilio - Corvara - right down to the Gardena Pass (2121 m) - Sella Pass (2213m) Canazei - Vigo di Fassa - Costalunga Pass (1745m) - Nova Levante - Passo Lavazè (1805m) - Cavalese - Moena and Soraga at last!

We listed the heights of mountain passes:

  • Passo di Lavazè 1808 m/slm
  • Passo di Costalunga 1752 m/slm
  • Passo Fedaia 2057 m/slm
  • Passo Giau 2236 m/slm
  • Passo Falzarego 2109 m/slm
  • Passo Valparola 2192 m/slm
  • Passo Gardena 2121 m/slm
  • Passo Sella 2240 m/slm
  • Passo San Pellegrino 1918 m/slm
  • Passo Valles 2032 m/slm
  • Passo Rolle 1984 m/slm
  • Passo Cereda 1369 m/slm
  • Passo Pordoi 2239 m/slm